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Brake pads – The friction material the caliper in the car squeezes against the rotating disc, to slow the wheel rotation and stop the car. In drum brakes, these pads are called shoes.

How to know, when to change brake pads?

A large amount of squeeze noise or sound like metal grinding is an indication that brake pads now need to be replaced. Other signs include longer stopping distances and more pedal travel before you feel the significant braking force.

It is highly recommended that brake pads should be regularly checked every six months or at oil change to avoid any kind of mishappening.

How often should brake pads be replaced?

Replacing brake pads depends upon your driving and your maintenance. Secondly how and where you are driving with respect to load. Most of the auto repair and service shops suggests making a replacement of brake pads at every oil change or at every 5000 km in order to avoid any mishappenings while you are driving at any speed or at plain or hilly areas.

Why there is a need to replace brake pads?

Brake pads keep your life secure when you are driving, whether you drive at fast or slow speed it gradually uses drum power to apply brakes and vanishes brake pads. In order to avoid any extra expense, regular maintenance and timely maintenance will help you to live a secure life.

How much should be paid for brake pads?

At every auto repair and service mechanics cost is not at all same, some may offer at a higher price due to a brand make and some at the lower price. Also, it will depend on how you drive and apply brakes as brake pads are applied on steel drum, so regular replacement and maintenance is necessary for a long vehicle life.